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Mountain Bike Amputee does not charge or collect membership fees and does not manufacture or sell products or services. PLEASE NOTE: Mountain biking and cycling have inherent risks. Always wear appropriate protective gear and ride within your comfort zone and ability.

On August 21, 2021 Victor Walther Passed Away.

As the website manager, I will do my best to keep this website active, in Victor's Memory.




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Since its conception in April of 2002, MTB-Amputee has received over 702,307 Visitors and 28,691,537 Hits.

In order to minimize misdirected or misspelled enquiries and to prevent plagiarism, MTB-Amputee has secured and consolidated the following domain names:

www.mtb-amputee.com  www.mtb-amputee.org 

www.mtbamputee.com   www.mtbamputee.org   

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with the maintenance, expansion, and promotion of this website or would like to be involved in future projects such as Race Site or Bike Festival Promotions & Clinics, please contact Victor at:

Email: mtb-amputee@mtb-amputee.com

Phone: (250) 754-6362


MTB-Amputee Sponsors

MTB-Amputee would like to thank Brodie Bikes for their support. Brodie has provided a 2004 Hurricane full suspension bike for demonstration purposes on the bike modifications page as well as several demo loaners for MTB-AmpCamp.

For more information go to Sponsors & Benefactors Page.


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For upcoming events go to News And Events.


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