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Mountain Bike Amputee does not charge or collect membership fees and does not manufacture or sell products or services. PLEASE NOTE: Mountain biking and cycling have inherent risks. Always wear appropriate protective gear and ride within your comfort zone and ability.

On August 21, 2021 Victor Walther Passed Away.

As the website manager, I will do my best to keep this website active, in Victor's Memory.




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I, Victor Walther, created this website to encourage and inform amputee, injured, and disabled mountain bikers as well as the general public, in regards to prosthetic and mountain bike modifications and innovations, including mountain biking and cycling skills and technique.

Although this website started out as my own personal homepage in Feb 2002, by April 2002 MTB-Amputee had grown and evolved into including all types of amputee, injured, and disabled cyclists, along with prosthetic and bike modifications, skills and technique, news and events, and more.

Personally, I started to ride for fun & fitness after purchasing my first mountain bike in the summer of 1990. In 1992, I started to race in local club events. In 1993, I entered my first sanctioned Dual Slalom race in which I destroyed two of my regular prosthetic arms in practice rounds. At that point, I realized I would need a custom built dedicated riding arm.

My first riding arm was built and ready to race in 1994. Over the next few years I competed in the Senior and Veteran Sport Classes where I managed a first place and two third place finishes in B.C. Cup competition, combined with a second place finish in a Canada Cup competition. In 1996, I progressed into the Veteran Expert category where I placed ninth at the Canadian Nationals and twenty-eighth at the U.S. Nationals in the Veteran Expert Downhill category. In 1997, although I only competed in half of the sanctioned events, I managed to place seventh in the B.C. Cup Race Series (Veteran Expert Downhill). In 1998, due to equipment problems, financial restraints, injuries, and family obligations, I was forced into early retirement.


If you or anyone you know could benefit from, or would like to participate on this website, email your enquiries or pictures and information to: mtb-amputee@mtb-amputee.com

Victor Walther,  Ph (250) 754-6362

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Stay tuned for future updates and additions.


MTB-Amputee is intended to encourage, inform, include, and support, amputee mountain bikers and cyclist, as well as educate the general public in regards to amputee mountain biking and cycling.

MTB-Amputee encourages all amputee mountain bikers and cyclist to participate regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, ability, disability, competitive, or non-competitive, by sharing photos and information.

MTB-Amputee provides an international venue for amputee mountain bikers and cyclist to share, display, and promote their accomplishments, innovative ideas, prosthetic and bike modifications, skills, technique, as well as sponsors and supporters.

Ultimately, in addition to providing information and encouragement along with the continual expansion of the data base, MTB-Amputee would like to provide race site assistance for competitive amputee mountain bikers as well as instructional clinics for beginners and novices.

Finally, MTB-Amputee warns all potential first time amputee mountain bikers, the moment you get on a bike, whether it be road or mountain, you are no longer an amputee, you are a CYCLIST!



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