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On August 21, 2021 Victor Walther Passed Away.

As the website manager, I will do my best to keep this website active, in Victor's Memory.


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This page was created to provide an international venue for amputee mountain bikers and cyclists to share and promote their achievements and accomplishments as well as encourage and inform amputees and the general public in regards to amputee mountain biking and cycling.

MTB-Amputee encourages all amputee mountain bikers and cyclists to participate by sharing photos and information regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, ability or disability. (Contact information is optional)

If you or anyone you know could benefit from, or would like to participate on this website, email your enquiries or pictures and information to:

Above left elbow amputee.  (2)

Above right elbow amputee.  (1)

Below left elbow amputee.  (1)

Below right elbow amputee.  (1)

Double above elbow amputee.  (1)

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Above left elbow amputees.  (2)


The following pictures were submitted by William Craig, an above left elbow amputee. William is a Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and an expert mountain biker. William developed this arm to take on Vancouver's North Shore.

If you would like more information on William and his arm, he can be contacted by phone:         (250) 352-1110 or email at

Or check out his website at: You can also check out some of William's riding tips on the Mountain Bike Riding Tips page or visit News & Events for updated info on William's past, current, and future endeavours.

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The following pictures are of myself, Victor Walther (Above left elbow amputee).

If you would like to see more photos and information, check out: History & Mission or Mountain Bike Riding Tips

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Above right elbow amputees.


The following pictures are of Scott McDonald, an above right elbow amputee who resides in Indiana Pennsylvania. Scott competes in a few races every year in PA. and also competes in 24 hr racing. He is currently looking to put together a team of riders for the 2005, 24 hour champion challenge at 7springs resort, PA.

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For more information, you can visit News and Events or contact Scott at:

A Train Accident Took His Arm—But He Still Shreds Harder Than You. “I’m Not An Inspiration, I’m A Mountain Biker.”


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Double above elbow amputees.  (1)


News & Events

For upcoming events go to News And Events.


Although I'm not a double arm amputee, I've included the following pictures of myself (Victor) to provide an example of double arm amputee riding technique and modifications.

As you may see, my bike is not properly equipped or modified for a double arm amputee. The proper bike would include a single speed or internal gear set-up with a rear kick brake such as Schwinn's Vera Cruz model which offers a coasting 3 speed with internal automatic gear shifting and rear coaster brake. The single speed or internal gears along with the kick brake, eliminates the need for shifters & brake levers.

Although riding with one prosthetic arm and the single speed and kick brake are somewhat limiting, by using a double prosthetic limb set-up, you can gain a tremendous amount of control and stability.

If using a dedicated riding arm, you will need to attach a control cable between the hook and harness, in order to release and attach to the handle bar.

Hopefully I will be replacing the pictures of myself with more appropriate and suitable photos and information on experienced double arm amputees. 

For more information and pictures of Victor, visit the History or Mountain Bike Riding Tips pages.

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Below right elbow amputees.  (1)


The following picture is of Molly Simmons-Stuber. Despite being born missing the lower part of her right arm, Molly has led an active life including mountain biking and more recently, playing soccer. For more information on Molly's arm and bike set-up, check out Bike Modifications, Prosthetic Modifications, or visit Molly's webpage at:

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Below left elbow amputees.


The following pictures are of Kirsty Busch.

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Kirsty, who lost the majority of her left hand in an automobile accident, is trying to put together a team of amputee or physically challenged athletes to compete in adventure racing. For more details visit the News & Events page or email Kirsty at:

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Stay tuned for future updates and additions.




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