ATV Amputee does not charge or collect membership fees and does not manufacture or sell products or services. PLEASE NOTE: All terrain vehicles have inherent risks. Always wear appropriate protective gear and ride within your comfort zone and ability.

On August 21, 2021 Victor Walther Passed Away.

As the website manager, I will do my best to keep this website active, in Victor's Memory.


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ATV-Amputee is an informal website based organization created by Victor Walther. The website is intended to provide information, encouragement, and inspiration for amputee and physically challenged All Terrain Vehicle enthusiasts. The website is also intended to provide an international venue for amputee ATV enthusiasts to share and promote their accomplishments and achievements.

The website contains information on ATV modifications for amputee and disabled ATV enthusiasts as well as information on modified artificial limbs and prosthetic suppliers and manufacturers.

ATV-Amputee encourages everyone to participate regardless of ability, disability, age, gender, race, or nationality. There are no membership fees or special requirements to join or participate, just a willingness to encourage, inspire, and share information with others.

If you have modified a ATV or know of ATV modifications that could benefit amputee or disabled ATV enthusiasts or if you or anyone you know could benefit from, or would like to participate on this website, email your enquiries or pictures and information to:

I would like to offer the following tip to everyone, regardless of your experience or intentions, to visit your local ATV shops and dealers. They can provide you with advice on equipment set-up and modifications, as well as information on trails, clubs, organizations, and lessons.

Most manufacturers of ATV's offer several choices of transmissions ranging from automatic to electronic push button semi-automatics, which makes them very adaptable and easy to operate for both leg and arm amputees. For general information on ATV's visit your local dealers or check out the following websites: Honda Motorcycles ; Suzuki ; Yamaha ; Kawasaki ; Polaris

The following information was submitted by Darrel Von, who operates ATV Tours for amputees and people with disabilities.

I have a website  I now own a Razor. I have been paralyzed for 35 years and a avid quad rider for 10 years. I'm modifying the Razor to center steering and center seating with hand controls. It's really said that Polaris finally created my dream machine, but still poo, poo's disabled people riding their products. Wouldn't it be great to see Polaris work with the disabled on making Razor accommodate the disabled. This conversion will be completed in two weeks. Wake up Polaris and work with me on this conversion. My Razor with conversion will be posted to my website when finished.

For more information you can visit his website:


Although the following pictures are of a mountain bike setup, both the arm and the steering wheel adaptor can be used for ATV's as well as motorcycles and snowmobiles.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

For more information on the arm or steering wheel adaptor visit the Bike Modifications or Prosthetic Modifications pages.


Coincidentally, while I was employed as a snowmaker on Blackcombe Mtn in 1987-88, I enjoyed using both a snowmobile & all terrain vehicle as every day work vehicles.

Please note that ATV-Amputee is part of the AmpsCanRide family of website based organizations which include:

MTB-Amputee   Motorcycle-Amputee   Snowmobile-Amputee

The AmpsCanRide websites are based on the fact that amputees can ride mountain bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and All Terrain Vehicles. The relationship or common denominator is the fact that most modified prosthetic limbs and devices can be easily adapted and used for many different purposes.

For more information on prosthetic modifications and service providers visit:

Prosthetic Modifications   Prosthetic Suppliers & Manufacturers



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